Indivisible Organizations in Washington

The primary Indivisible Registry can be found on the Indivisible site.

This listing is intended to quickly guide you to the largest/most active indivisible groups.

Indivisible Seattle (7th & 9th districts) – 8,000+ and growing fast

This group is focused on blocking the agenda of Trump and Republicans at the Federal level, following the template laid out in the Indivisible document

Organizing on Facebook and on the web at
Kickoff held on 1/25/2017.

Seattle subgroups:
Columbia City

 Indivisible Thurston County – 2,000+

Indivisible Thurston County is a group of positive, open-minded, proactive people with commitment to promoting democracy, love, and positivity in the community of Thurston County. We actively stand for the equal treatment and respect of all people, and work to strengthen our community by listening openly, sharing positively, and taking action fearlessly.

Eastside – Redmond/Bellevue Area – 800+

Dedicated to working effectively together to stop the Trump Agenda and bring compassion and reason to our government.  Updated 1/28

Indivisible Olympia – 700+

We don’t win what we don’t fight for.

Indivisible Washington’s 8th District – 600+

“Block Trump’s agenda using tactics that helped the Tea Party to hinder President Obama’s agenda. The specific focus will be on grassroots influence of our local elected officials in the Eighth Congressional District of Washington State.”

Kicked off Jan 2017 Updated 1/28

Edmonds Neighborhood Action Coalition – 500+

This group is for posting news on neighborhood-based resistance and projects to protect targeted communities under the Trump Administration. Part of the Seattle Neighborhood Action Coalition

Indivisible North Seattle – 300+

This group is for people who want to form the liberal equivalent of the Tea Party. Who want to take a few pages from the Tea Party playbook, focusing on its strategic choices and tactics, without the nuttiness and hatefulness.

In-person kick-off 1/29

Indivisible Tacoma – 660+

“We are Indivisible Tacoma. Together we are strong. Together we can stop corruption and the decay of our government institutions. #StopTrump”

Indivisible Bainbridge Island – 566+

Indivisible Kirkland Kenmore – 160+

Indivisible Coupeville – 62+

Central Whidbey Islanders pursuing the Indivisible strategy to resist the agenda of Donald Trump

Indivisible Port Angeles – 60+

Washington Wide

Fuse Washington Website Facebook – 17,000+ and growing

Fuse is the state’s largest progressive organization – people creating change online, on the ground, and on issues that matter. Together for progress.

Other Groups

Central Seattle Indivisible – 20+ Updated 1/28

District 6 – 65+ Updated 1/28

District 9 – 79+ Updated 1/28


If you are a leader or liaison for a Washington indivisible org, email inouramerica.sea at to request additions or updates, or to get help connecting to other leaders.